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Why Older People Have Watery Eyes?

Many older people suffer from watery eyes. As they grow older, age-related changes occur in their eyes. The eye-lid tissues tend to relax, which prevents the normal function of these tissues to remove tears. The lid tissues relax too much, as a result of which the inner side of the lid is not flat against the surface of the eye. This prevents tears from entering the puncta, and is known as ectropion. The latter can be treated through protective eye-wear, eye drops or surgery. The partial obstruction and narrowing of the puncta also causes watery eyes. Source :

Symptoms of Watery Eyes

  • Redness in the eye and discomfort
  • Constant tearing
  • Eye tenderness or sinuses

As one ages, many changes take place in the eyes. Older people go through periods of dry eyes and then subsequently they suffer from watery eyes. It is a common complaint among them. How to deal with watery eyes?

Tips to Prevent Watery Eyes Among Older People

  • Eyes should be protected. One should wear sun-glasses to protect the eyes from sun-rays and particles
  • One should consult an eye doctor and have the eyes checked up for clogged tear ducts. The doctor can provide suggestions for better eye health
  • One can use eye-drops if the eyes are dry. Artificial tear formation eye drops are available or lubricants can be used which can make the eyes watery
  • Surgery can also be considered depending upon the severity and the cause of the problem source :

Watery eyes is a common ailment among older people. Age brings about certain physical changes in the eyes and causes too many tears. As they grow older, the older people need to consult their physician to protect their eyes.

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