Eye Care

Flushing Out Your Eyes

If a foreign object or dirt has gone in to your eyes you can resort to flushing your eyes with water. Here are some tips on what you can do to flush out the dirt from your eyes.

1) Expose your eyes to source of water that is pushing forth water directly into your eyes. It could be the garden hose or the facet in the kitchen or bathroom. Open your eyes wide. There is no use flushing out the dirt with your eyes closed.

2) Make sure you flush out both the eyes.

3) Flush them both for a minimum period of time. It may not be possible to keep your eyes open for so long. But it definitely helps if you do so in small intervals.

4) Do not do this alone. Let someone accompany you. Lt them hold the pipe as you use your hands in pulling up your eyelids.

5) Your dress may tend to get wet, so make sure you change into something warm immediately.

6) Let the person who has accompanied you in this task look into your eyes and see if whether or not the object is present in your eyes.

7) If it is still present and there is pain or itchiness in your eyes, you should contact the doctor immediately.

Keep these points in mind and take good care of your eyes.

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