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Flashing Light In Eye

Flashing light in eye is considered to be a type of vision defect in which a person sees sudden flashes of light. Some of these flashes are like flashing light, an arch of light, or it seems as if somebody has flashed on and off an electric bulb in the peripheral vision. Flashes are caused because of the improper stimulation of the eye’s retina or the optic nerve which the brain interprets as light. Vitreous detachment can be one of the reasons for the flashes.

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Causes Of Flashing Light In Eye: Some of the major causes for flashing light in eye can be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Brief flashing can be due to changes in the flow of blood.
  • Flashing can be due to aura before a migraine.
  • Migraine itself can be a cause for flashing.
  • Vitreous detachment can be a reason for flashing.
  • Posterior vitreous detachment which is possible due to aging or myopia can be one the reasons for flashing of light.

Light Flashing In Peripheral Vision Of Eyes: There are many causes for light flashing in peripheral vision of the eye. Some of these are:

  • Eye me Loma
  • Common migraine
  • Brain cancer
  • Basilar artery migraine
  • Acute zonal retinopathy
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Ayazi syndrome
  • Ackerman syndrome
  • Retinal detachmment
  • Retinal degeneration
  • Retinal tear
  • Posterior vitreous detachment
  • Open-angle glaucoma
  • Melanoma of the choroids
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Primary open angled glucoma

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