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Eye Tics

Tics in the eyes are considered as the involuntarily twitches that may involve any involuntary muscles. Tics can be controlled partially when the person having makes a conscious effort to control them.

Tics mostly consist of facial grimacing,eye blinking,mouth opening or nasal flaring . Tics can be either simple or a complex one. A simple tic is an eye blink, a grunt, some muscle twitch, or a production of noise. It is normally purposeless. Whereas a complex eye tic will consist of the movement of muscle with a purpose such as scratching, throwing or chewing.

Eye Tics Causes:

There are many causes for eye tic. Some of them are:

  • Tics can be a result of excess of stress.
  • Some medicines like Ritalin, Dexedrine etc can cause Tics.
  • Some of the infections of brain may result Tics.
  • Some disorders of metabolic or genetic level can cause Tics.

Nervous Eye Tic:

Nervous eye tic is developed generally in children. Most of the time it exist for some time and then disappear but it can remain there for the whole life too. Nervous are the involuntary contractions of one or more muscles which can effect any of the parts of the body but it is normally present in the muscles of the face, arms and the shoulders.

Some common types of nervous tics includes excessive blinking, grimaces on the face, and uncontrolled jerking movement of the arms, legs, or the other areas. Nervous tics are very difficult to control but some people could suppress it with a great lot of difficulty.

The cause of nervous eye tic is considered to be genetic, diet deficiency, stress, anxiety and medications.

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