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Convergence Insufficiency In Adults

Convergence insufficiency is termed as the condition in which the eyes of the patient do not turn in while focusing on a close object.Normally, when we read or turn our eyes to a object placed nearby, our eyes converge or turn inwards to focus on it simultaneously. This is done so that the bifocal vision forms the single image of the object.

The normal process of bifocal vision gets disrupted when the condition of convergence insufficiency is there.This condition is found normally in older children and in adolescences. These children who suffer from convergence insufficiency faces problem in reading which is normally misunderstood as learning disability by the parents.

Causes Of Convergence Insufficiency In Adults:

The main cause for convergence insufficiency is not yet known. One of the reason which is can result in convergence insufficiency can be the muscles of the eye. This is because in this condition misalignment of the eyes is there when the person focuses on the nearby objects.This misalignment involves the muscles of the eye as while focusing on the near objects one eye moves out while the other remains inside.

Symptoms Of Convergence Insufficiency In Adults:

The symptoms of convergence Insufficiency can be summarized in the following points:

  • Uncomfortable eyes which are tired and sored.
  • Vision of the eyes is blurred.
  • Headaches will be there.
  • Double vision in the eyes
  • The patient will have difficulty in concentrating and in reading too.
  • The patient will have a feeling of sleepiness,and would always squint, rub,close one eye.

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