Eye Care

What Are Heavy Eyelids?

Eyelids are found on the upper surface of the eyes. These eyelids work tremendously as their job is to protect the eyes and produce secretions which grease the eyes. Tears are all formed by the glands of these eyelids only.

Causes of Heavy Eyelids:

The causes of heavy eyelids are:

  • Heaviness of the eyelids is caused due to the heaviness in the muscles around the eyes. The elevator muscle which is responsible for opening of the eyelids may become heavy due to fatigue.
  • The muscles of brow and surrounding ocular areas are more prone to fatigue as they remain active most of the time as we remain awake most of the day.
  • As a result, the tired muscles get laden with extended work and this results in the thickening of the eyelids.
  • Fatigue can be caused due to lack of sleep or working on computer for long hours This results in puffiness under the eyes
  • Allergies or sinus infections or exposure to sun can also result in eyelid swelling which can correspond to heavy eyelids.

Treatment Of Heavy Eyelids:

Heavy eyelids in the upper eye is a sign of aging process. This can be cured by the procedure of Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. In this process excessive fat and muscles are removed from the upper eyelids.

Sometimes, heavy eyelids could be due to the position of the brow rather than muscle accumulation. In such a case, brow lift is the procedure which is undertaken for curing the condition.

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