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What is Pingueculitis?

Pingueculitis is the condition in which the Pingueculae are inflamed and vascularized to cause redness and irritation in the eyes. Pingueculae are slightly raised structures which are yellow in color. These are deposits which resemble interpalpebral deposits. These structures are found in the nasal and temporal limbal conjunctiva.

This condition is found mainly in people of middle-age group and those who are exposed to the sun for a longer span of time. Pingueculae is the initial stage which can result in the formation of the crucial stage of Pingueculitis.

Pingueculae can be seen in patches of yellow color which appear in the sclera of the eye. In very severe cases, Pingueculitis can even occur within the conjunctival epithelium.

Symptoms Of Pingueculitis:

The symptoms of this condition are:

  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Small patches of yellow color can be seen on the sclera of the eyes.
  • The patches will be located in the nose area.
  • Swelling will be noticed in the area of infections

Causes Of Pingueculitis:

The major cause for this condition is not known but it is found that those people who are exposed to sun, wind, dust and dry climate for a longer time are more vulnerable to this disease.

Treatment Of Pingueculitis:

The treatment of this condition varies according to the severity of the condition. Some basic treatments for this condition are:

  • Protect the eyes from direct exposure to the sun.
  • Use sunglasses, shields etc to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.
  • Lubricate your eyes using steroid and unsteroidal eye drops.
  • Drugs or eye drops which can prevent swelling and irritation will be required.
  • In severe cases, surgery is done to remove Pingueculae completely.

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