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What Is Chemosis ?

The swelling in the eyelids or of the conjunctiva is known as Chemosis. This condition is caused generally due to some kind of allergy or due to some viral infections. In severe cases intense swelling in conjunctiva prevents the eyelids to function properly.

The condition of chemosis can not be specifically recognised by eye irritation. The swelling in the eyes is generally due to the accumulation of the fluid in the eye surfaces.

Causes Of Chemosis:

The cause of chemosis includes:

  • Obstruction in the superior vena cava can result in this condition. This obstruction can result in facial edema.
  • Some kind of allergic exposure
  • Any kind of viral infection
  • Angioedema
  • Exposure to any infection when you sleep with your eyes open
  • Swelling in conjunctiva

Symptoms Of Chemosis:

The symptoms of chemosis includes:

  • Diplopia
  • Asymptomatic condition arrives rarely
  • Irritation and Itching which can be similar to allergic conjunctiva
  • Tearing in the eyes will be noticed
  • Vision will become blurred

Few Signs For The Presence Of Chemosis:

There are few signs which can give an impression for the presence of this condition before hand only. These signs includes:

  • Swelling will be there which can be either diffused or localized
  • Eyelids will not be able to close completely
  • Severe conjunctivitis infections will be noticed

Home Treatment For Chemosis:

Cool cloth can be placed on the infected eyes. This will give instant relief to the itching and swollen eyes. In case no change is noticed in the condition then contact your doctor immediately.

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