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What is Foggy Vision?

Foggy vision is a symptom for some underlying disease in the eyes. Usually, foggy and blurred vision along with glare while driving at night are the indications of the presence of cataracts in the eye.

Causes of Foggy Vision:

Foggy vision is the result of cataracts in eyes. There are many reasons for cataract development in eyes. Actually the lens in the eye is made up of protein and water. Whenever, these proteins cluster together due to certain circumstances then it results in cloud-like formation in the eyes. It is due to the presence of these clouds that foggy vision is seen. This condition is known as cataract. If this condition is not treated on time then it will turn severe and result in blurred or fuzzy vision.

Other Symptoms Related To Foggy Vision:

Foggy vision is an indication of cataract in the eye. Other related symptoms which are also present along with foggy vision to indicate cataract include:

  • Distorted or blurred vision
  • Colored vision which face changes
  • Night vision will become poor
  • Frequent change will be noticed in the eye glass number or contact lens of the eye
  • Glares around lights will be noticed
  • Double vision
  • A spot of white color or milky white color will be noticed on the pupil
  • Contrast vision will not at all be clear
  • Vision will keep on deteriorating regularly

All the above mentioned symptoms will be accompanied by foggy vision and they all will indicate the presence of cataract in your eye.

1 response to What is Foggy Vision?

  1. Your description of “foggy vision” is narrow and only ascribes the cause to cataracts. This is nonsense! Especially if the effect is not related to cataracts!!!

    What if one has temporary foggy vision accompanied by usually normal colour and night vision, good contrast vision and no discoloration of the pupil. Further, what if the ‘cataracts’ clear up completely after a few hours?

    Another aetiology is needed as explanation, rather than the limited view of the writer.

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