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What Is Wavy Vision?

Wavy vision in eye is an indication of the presence of some developing problem in the eye. These underlying problems includes migraines, ocular migraine or metamorphopsia.

Causes of Wavy Vision:

Wavy vision is caused due to some underlying problem in the eye and the adjoining parts. Some similar problems are:

  • Ocular Migraines:

    It is a condition which is caused due to some problem in the ophthalmic nerves coming from the brain. This condition results in a number of visual disturances like black spot or scotoma which becomes enlarged and bright in the center of the vision, wavy or zig zag vision with flickering light from the black spot. The phenomenon of ocular migraine occurs occasionally and remains for only 15-20 minutes. This condition is painless and only remains for a shorter duration of time.

  • Metamorphopsia:

    It is a condition in which macular degeneration takes place with advancing age. This degeneration brings about vision-related problems and as a result wavy vision is formed. In the degeneration of macula, the retina gets damaged due to advancing age which results in the loss of vision in the center of the macula. Because of this, light rays have to follow an irregular path to reach retina for image formation. This irregular path of the light rays results in wavy form of image formation.

Treatment for Wavy Vision:

The treatment of vision that is wavy is only possible by correcting the underlying problems. If problems like degenerating macula and ocular migraines are treated, this problem will automatically disappear. So to get rid of wavy vision it is necessary to cure tackle these eye diseases by using eye correcting glasses or lens. In extreme situations, laser treatment proves beneficial.

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  1. This is a good post except for the fact that muscular degeneration does not have to occur only with age. It can, in the case of Stargardt’s disease, happen when an individual is young.

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