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Xanthelasma is a condition where cholesterol gets collected beneath the skin. Fat usually gets deposited on and around the eyelids. It is a yellow color patch which when touched, gives a soft feeling. This is neither painful nor harmful and can be removed. Adults are more prone to xanthelasma when compared to children.

Symptoms of Xanthelasma:

  • The person affected with xanthelasma does not feel pain, itchiness or any kind of infection.
  • This disease doesn’t pose any kind of threat of cancer.
  • After a certain time, these patches either enlarge or tend to decrease.
  • Sometimes, the person affected with this disease, may find it difficult to shut his eyes completely, as these patches enlarge.
  • Sometimes, due to muscle paralysis or even weakness, the upper eyelid droops.

Causes of Xanthelasma:

  • Xanthelasma occurs when there is a disorder in lipids in a person’s body.
  • Mostly in young people, due to excess lipid content in the blood, xanthelasma can happen.
  • Genes can also be responsible for this disease.

Treatment for Xanthelasma:

  • In a few cases, xanthelasma disappears without any medications or treatment.
  • Liquid nitrogen is used by doctors to dissolve the fat.
  • If the reason of the illness is due to increased cholesterol, the doctor may recommend the patient to consume a controlled diet.
  • Fatty foods should be avoided so as to decrease the cholesterol levels.
  • Medicines can also be prescribed to reduce excess lipids.
  • In a few cases, laser therapy can be used to get rid of the patches. Laser therapy may produce side effect like mild pigmentation in the affected area.


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