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Vision Loss During Pregnancy: How Does It Happen?

Most women who are planning to have a baby know that they can expect changes in their bodies in many ways. But few are aware about the fact that hormonal changes and fluid retention may also affect their vision. Dry eyes, refractive changes and limited peripheral vision are very common predicaments during pregnancy. These are temporary conditions, but a few of them may aggravate into more serious conditions.

If you have been wearing glasses or contact lens, refractive changes during pregnancy may make them less effective. Usually these are temporary conditions and there is nothing to worry about. You should wait for a few weeks after delivery before investing in new eye wear or contacts as you may regain your normal vision.

Remedial Steps

  • Dry eyes is a temporary condition which can be relieved with ointments or lubricating drops.
  • For contact wearers, using re-wetting drops or switching to glasses will help in easing their discomfort.
  • The corneas of the eye may also thicken during pregnancy which adds to the discomfort of contact lens wearers.

Puffy eyelids can interfere with your side vision. It occurs due to water retention during the time of your pregnancy. Instead of reducing your water intake, try to reduce your caffeine and sodium intake. These are the two major factors which promote water retention in the body. For temporary relief, using cool compresses reduces the puffiness of the eyes.

Migraine headaches are quite common during pregnancy. Your eyes can become sensitive to any source of light. You should always consult your doctor before taking any prescription or over-the-counter migraine medications.

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