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5 Most Common Children’s Eye Ailments

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that eye care should start as soon as a child is born. Even children are prone to complex eye ailments and diseases which generally affect adults, for example cataracts and glaucoma. There are also some common eye ailments your child may experience like allergy or pink eye symptoms. Its important to see your ophthalmologist, if your child is exhibiting any of the following conditions:

  • Eye discharge
  • Red or puffy eyes
  • Watery, swollen eyes

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

The conjunctiva is a transparent membrane that protects the whites of your eyes. Bacteria, allergens, chemical exposure and some viruses can cause irritation in the membrane. If your child is exhibiting symptoms like watery eyes or crusted eyes , it could be pinkeye. Your doctor may prescribe anti – inflammatory or antibiotic drops to clear it up. You can prevent pink eye by washing your hands frequently. Also stop rubbing your eyes with your fingers.

Eye Allergies

During seasonal change, children are prone to eye allergies. Sometimes they are accompanied by sneezing, coughing and itchy ears and throats. Eye allergies can cause eye discharge, watering, redness, and severe itching. Your doctor will determine if these allergies are due to pets, environmental factors or seasonal changes. Antihistamines and allergy eye drops are usually prescribed for treating allergies.

Visual Impairments

Visual impairments can cause your child to wear glasses, for example, astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia,etc.


The eyelids swell overnight. Usually discharge or crusting accompanies the swelling. It can occur for various reasons like allergies, irritation and infection. It can be treated with a warm compress. In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed.


Amblyopia occurs when one eye is weaker than the other eye. It is also known as lazy eye. It can be caused by eyes that aren’t properly aligned or cross eyes. Glasses are recommended to correct the poor eye’s vision.

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