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Lens Dislocation – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The lens is present behind the pupil in the eye and it helps to provide clear vision. When the very thin and supporting ligaments are disturbed, often due to misplaced position, the lens may become dislocated. This injury may not be serious but can often leave permanent symptoms.

Lens Dislocation Symptoms

  • The most prominent symptom is blurred vision, though it depends on lens dislocation severity.
  • Sometimes lens dislocation occurs where only lens are detached partially, whereas most regularly blurred vision can occur with full detachment or dislocation.
  • This happens as a result of misplacement of lens from the vision line and getting settled in the vitreous humor unnaturally.


In sports or other physical activities, usually lens dislocate due to direct trauma to the eye. Blows to the upper part of the face due to accidents, a continual risk to martial artists and boxers. And also most common cause due to sports such as foot ball or rugby which involve fast moving projectiles like cricket balls or tennis.

The injury may also be hereditary, in that case it can be linked to conditions such as aniridia or Marfan syndrome. Consult your doctor and check it.

Medical Attention

  • Consult your health care professional to diagnose the condition.
  • They perform eye test, often implement eye drops in order to dilate the pupil and also improve lens visibility.
  • They can identify any cataract complications or other disorders of the eye, such as iritis or glaucoma.
  • They can also examine if all the thin ligaments are broken and resulted in complete lens detachment, or if the dislocation of the lens is only partial.


In most of the cases, the complete lens detachment cannot be treated easily due to the inability in reattachment of ligaments. This means any symptoms like blurred vision will persist, and it can be corrected by using contact lenses or glasses. There may be need for surgery if the injury is followed by other conditions.

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