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Fungal Eye Infection

Fungal infections in eye are very rare. The general risk factors for such fungal infection can be long term usage of corticosteroid, contact lens wear and contamination caused by vegetative material.The aim of the treatment is to preserve the visual function and eradicate fungus. And, it depends on quick diagnosis and effective administration of a good anti fungal therapy. There are two types of fungal infections that can infect the eye and they are, Candida Endophthalmitis and Fusarium Keratitis.

Fungal Eye Infection Symptoms:

The signs of this infection are a cloudy appearance on eye’s surface, eye lesions, eye inflammation and a blurred vision or even a loss of vision. Other symptoms can be swelling, eye irritation, pain, discharge, redness and photo phobia.

Candida Endophthalmitis:

  • This is generally caused by fungi which normally resides within the body. Such organisms are generally present in a female’s genital tract, the respiratory tract or the intestinal tract. This fungus can infect different types of organs, which sometimes can be the eye. People who have undergone ocular or abdominal surgery recently are at a higher risk of getting this infection.
  • A good treatment initially can be the usage of anti fungal medication. Such infection responds well to fluconazole, which is an anti fungal in liquid or tablet form. However, it is important to visit a doctor to receive the best possible treatment.

Fusarium Keratitis:

  • This very rarely occurs mostly in warm climates like Florida and Southeast Asia. Such type of infection occurs due to the fungus present in large amounts. And, it generally damages the eye’s surface to make its presence and this leads to an infection.
  • Treatment for this fungal infection is generally an anti fungal medication which is developed specifically for eyes and it is called as natamycin.

Make sure that you do not use contact lenses, when you have fungal eye infection.

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