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What are Saline Eye Drops?

Saline eye drops are the most common medical aid which are sold over-the-counter to treat several eye conditions. Saline eye drops are commonly sold as non-prescription eye drops. In most cases, these eye drops are used to treat those eye conditions in which an accurate diagnosis is not made but discomfort is experienced. For example, the condition of dry eyes where the eyes remain extremely dry yet no pathology is made. Hence, this eye condition causes a lot of discomfort in the patients. Daily use of these eye drops ensures that dryness in the eyes is temporarily negated. Also, the discomfort is alleviated immediately. Most of the time, eye drops containing high concentration of salinity are used to prepare the eyes for a few diagnostic procedure. Read on to know about saline eye drops.

Varieties Of Saline Eye Drops
Different types of saline eye drops are available in the market. The conventional eye drops are those which do not have any drugs. Also, these are used for treating several eye conditions as well as dilating the pupil of the eye for diagnostic procedures. Although, a few of the saline eye drops may have a low amount of drugs. In such types, the salinity aids in minimizing the eye inflammation and alleviates the symptoms. On the other hand, the medicinal component of the eye drop helps in treating the diagnosed pathology like a bacterial or a viral infection.

Eye lubricant is the most common example where medicinal component is nearly negligible. These eye lubricants are used to treat chronic dry eyes, where these eye drops induce artificial tears. Hence, these are also known as decongestant eye drops.

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