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How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are a common and harmless phenomenon which affect most of us. Individuals with this condition might be distracted by dark, wiggly lines which interrupt the vision. Eye floaters are a result of changes in the eye within the vitreous fluid due to the aging process. The annoying little squiggles are noticeable mostly when you look at a bright plain background. They require no treatment as eye floaters are generally harmless, but there are ways to get rid of eye floaters which are discussed in this article.

Ways to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

  1. Diet:

    One should eat a healthy and balanced diet, as it helps to prevent illness and disease, and promotes good eye health.

  2. Exercises:

    Every individual must do exercises regularly as it helps to keep the body and mind fit. One should include plenty of exercises for eyes as they promote good eye health.

  3. Avoid Risk Factors:

    Individuals who are very nearsighted, those who have diabetes or those who have undergone cataract operation are at greater risk of experiencing eye floaters. Consult your doctor for better treatment and prevent other related disorders and conditions.

  4. Ignore them:

    In most cases, eye floaters are usually harmless, so you can ignore them. The longer you ignore them, the less likely they will bother you. You can do this by avoiding looking or seeing at plain and bright backgrounds whenever possible.

  5. Consult an Eye Specialist or Doctor:

    If you develop many floaters in the eye which are seriously disrupting your vision then immediately consult your eye doctor. Explain to your doctor about the severity of your eye condition. Your doctor may discuss with you about the available options for treatment and prescribe them.

  6. Treatment options:

    The available treatment options include laser treatment and vitrectomy treatment.

    • In vitrectomy, the vitreous fluid is surgically removed and replaced with a salt solution. It is more likely to cause cataract within 3 or 4 years, thus this procedure is not recommended for younger patients.
    • Laser treatment is a newer option with less time needed for treatment and it has been effective too. But, unfortunately very few doctors perform this quick, 10-minute procedure.

The above listed are some of the ways to get rid of eye floaters. Individuals who are bothered by floaters can follow the above ways to avoid eye floaters. But, everyone can use the first two ways to prevent eye floaters.

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  1. I developed floaters about a week after my last SAG operation on my left eye. Had I known and understood about this side effect befor my 1st operation on my right eye, I’d have atleast held out for several more years (mabe even indefinately) before considering the operation.
    Now, I keep hoping for a cure for them.

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