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How to Get Rid of Black Eye?

Do you have a black eye? Are you sick of looking at it in the mirror? You need not have to worry about the black eye. There are many ways to get rid of it. These black eyes are usually caused due to some kind of trauma, as an illness sign or a blow to the face which was opposed by the eye. A black eye could ruin your whole day or week as long as it is present. So try these simple tips to get rid of them as these effectively treat the condition.

Tips to get rid of black eye

  1. Cold compress:

    As soon as one gets hit in their eye and if you think that a black eye is going to develop, then apply cold compress on the eye. This effectively works in preventing black eye formation. Place some ice cubes in a towel or use an ice pack and press or hold it firmly against the eye. Hold it for 10-15 minutes each time and then remove from the eye for about 10 minutes. Repeat this process of cold compress over and over throughout the day.

  2. Vitamin C:

    Drinking lots of juices and other fluids which contain lots of vitamin C such as citrus fruits helps in speeding the healing process. This is another effective way to get rid of black eye.

  3. Tylenol:

    When your eye gets hit, take care of the eye inflammation by using products such as Tylenol. Make sure that you stay away from medications such as aspirin as it tends to make the blood more thinner which can cause bleeding of the eye in the surrounding tissues. But, you are looking for clotting the blood in order to prevent the bleeding into the surrounding areas and tissues of the eye.

  4. Warm compress:

    Just after using cold compress, after 2 to 3 days switch to warm compress. This helps the easy flow of blood.

These are some of the tips which you can use as they help to get rid of black eye.

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