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How To Treat a Black Eye?

Bruising of the inner tissues around the eye or a black eye occurs when the blood pools or clots in the affected area near the eye. As the skin surrounding the eye is usually very sensitive and thin, the clotted or pooled blood turns that area purplish-blue. One can use simple tips to treat a black eye. However, as time passes, the pooled blood is reabsorbed back inside the body and thus the black eye disappears gradually. Generally, it takes about one week or so for the black eye to completely go away. However, while you wait for the natural process inside the body, employ a few tips to treat the black eye area. These tips are discussed briefly in this article.

Tips to treat black eye

    1. Immediately treat a black eye to help stop the bleeding internally and to reduce swelling. Apply a cold compress with ice cubes wrapped within a thin cloth above the affected area, but avoid too much pressure on the eye and the affected area.
    2. Suppose your eye is swollen too much and you are not able to move the eyelids, then place an ice pack on the forehead part just above the injured area of the eye, instead of directly placing it on the affected eye. One can use some type of dressing in order to place the ice pack in position. Never leave the ice pack for very long periods, instead use it for a short period of 10 minutes.
    3. Vitamin k helps in promoting and also to accelerate healing of the tissues. Use vitamin K cream, oil or eye-patch as it is another method in the black eye or bruise treatment. They are easily available in pharmacies and most drugstores. Purchase 1-5% vitamin k cream and apply it gently on the affected areas surrounding the eye. Or else place a sterile dressing by soaking a cotton ball in vitamin K oil and place it on the affected area by taping it with dressing for proper positioning. One can also a vitamin K eye-patch especially when you are sleeping to help the eye in healing.
    4. One can intake over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen if you experience pain from swelling or bleeding. Avoid taking aspirin, as it will prevent clotting of the blood because of its anticoagulant properties which could make the black eye even more larger and also delay the healing.
    5. Try home or herbal remedies to get relief from the black eye. Bromelain is an enzyme which is present in pineapple and arnica plant. It has been proven to have healing properties to cure bruising. But, consult your health care professional before using any alternative treatments and home remedies.
    6. One can also use the herb parsley to treat the bruise of black eye. It helps in the process of healing as it has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Chop parsley, grind it and mix it with crushed ice inside a blender. Then, pour the slurry mixture of parsley into ice cube trays, and allow it to freeze in the freezer. Later, when the slurry mixture is frozen, take out a few cubes from the tray, and wrap it in a soft cotton cloth. Apply this as a cold compress on the injured eye. Repeat the process as necessary, but make sure that you don’t leave the cold compress on for long periods.
    7. You can also hide the black eye with cosmetics while it heals. There are certain types of foundation and makeup available which are specifically formulated to hide and conceal the discoloration and marks on the injured skin. One can use the Internet and research about some of these products which can be purchased online. Use only specifically recommended products as the other products contain chemicals which are harmful and can deteriorate the condition.
    8. Don’t try to blow your nose with too much or pressure or too forcefully especially while the bruise or black eye is in the process of healing. Because you can be at risk by causing the capillaries to start bleeding again because of the pressure and force. If this occurs, the healing process takes much longer and the bruising can also become larger. In severe cases, the eye might get infected due to the accumulation of blood, specifically if there is a fracture in the bone of the eye socket.

The above listed are some of the tips to treat a black eye at home while the condition is in the healing process.

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