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How to Make Eyelashes Longer?

Use of false eyelashes enhances your look to great extent. But u can’t wear these false lashes permanently or for longer hours. But, having naturally long eyelashes is a bon for everyone. Here are some ways as an answer to “

How to Make Eyelashes Longer?”

There are two methods for making them longer and look beautiful with expressive eyes:

    1. Vaseline Method:

      This method is easy and considered as one of the best processes as well. The steps involved in this are:


      • Put some good branded baby powder all over the mascara brushes.
      • With the help of eyelash curler, squeeze the upper lash for minimum 60 seconds or you can even curl them with your fingers.
      • Keep brushing them until the clumps of mascara are removed properly.
      • After five minutes wash the brush with water.
      • Then put the Vaseline on the brush and apply on the eye lashes for 2 minutes for the proper blending.
      • Repeat this method everyday without a miss for 5 weeks and you will see the difference yourself.
    1. Lip Balm Method :

      This method uses the application of balm cream which

      make the eyelashes longer

      . Steps involved are:


    • You should use the balm twice a day for making the eyelashes grow longer. Before sleeping and before going for your work apply the balm for making them look curly. This gradually makes your lashes hair grows.
    • Use flavor balms than using the normal ones as they show better results.
    • You should apply the balm starting from the inner corner of your eyes and then moving outwards toward the end of the eyelash hair growth. Do the same with lower lash as well.
    • You have to repeat the same method for the second eye as well.
    • Wear a silk made sleeping mask as a protective covering for preventing the smudging of balm.
    • Wash off this balm which you applied at night and then apply the fresh one again in the morning. Sun rays should fall on them as it helps them penetrate well inside making the cause more effective.

This is

how to make eyelashes longer

. Simple yet very effective and beneficial ways sitting at home and with no extra cost as well!!!

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