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Home Remedies to Cure Eye Wrinkles

Eye wrinkles

are the most horrifying thing a woman notices while seeing the mirror. These wrinkles not only make you look old but they even suppress your beauty. There are many effective home remedies which can reduce the aging effect around the eyes. It is always better to follow these remedies even before the wrinkles appear. This way you will prevent their occurrence.

Eye Wrinkles

What are the most Effective Home Remedies to Cure Eye Wrinkles?

  1. Using Grape Seed Oil:

    This oil has skin nourishing and moisturizing properties. This is very effective in repairing the stretch marks and damaged skin around the eyes. Grape seed oil has got natural ingredients (not discovered) which rejuvenates and combats wrinkles of skin. This oil is rich in antioxidant, called proanthocyanidins, which reverses the skin aging process. This should be applied directly on the skin, just like any other cream or oil. If this is applied directly on the dry skin, it hydrates it immediately. This particular function is the sole reason for grape seed oil to overcome wrinkles. Hydrated skin is less likely to get fine lines and wrinkles than the dry skin.

  2. Using Vitamin E Oil:

    This oil is very thick and has antioxidant property. Due to this, it is very effective in hydrating the dry skin. Vitamin E has got very powerful antioxidants which lubricates the skin under the eyes effectively. This even makes the wrinkles less noticeable and prevents the formation of new ones. You just need to squeeze the oil from the vitamin E capsule and apply it directly under your eyes. You should apply this oil before going to bed, this will show better results.

  3. Using Coconut Oil:

    This oil is so effective that you can see the difference on your skin within a week’s time. You have to massage this oil under your eyes or even in your entire face, before sleeping. This prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and lessens the wrinkles which are already present. If, after applying coconut oil your wrinkles have faded away, you should continue its application. This will prevent the reoccurrence of fine lines under your eyes.

  4. Use of Avocados:

    These are the best moisturizer for the skin. It decreases the skin wrinkles very easily. You have to mash the avocados and apply the paste around your eyes or on the entire face. The oil content of avocado increases the natural oil production in the skin. This natural skin oil makes you look attractive and younger.

  5. Use of Cucumber:

    This is a very effective natural remedy for the wrinkles under the eyes and crow’s feet. You just need to put the slices of cucumber all over your face, including the eyes. This will reduce wrinkles on entire face, fine lines and even the puffiness around the eyes. Slices of cucumber make your skin feel reenergized and fresh. The best time to use this remedy is during the night time, before hitting the bed.

  6. Lemon Juice:

    One of the best and cheapest sources for reducing wrinkles under the eyes. Put the lemon juice on cotton balls and apply them under your eyes. Do this regularly during morning and night times, for a week. You will feel the difference automatically after a week. While applying the lemon juice under the eyes, please make sure that the juice is not going inside your eyes.

  7. Castor Oil:

    This is the oldest method for reducing

    eye wrinkles

    . Apply and massage the castor oil every night, once you have cleaned your face. This oil makes the skin healthy, smooth and reduces the signs of aging. Once the wrinkles have faded, you should apply this oil at least twice a week for preventing reoccurrence of wrinkles.

Sitting at home you can do wonders for your skin. Before you hit any cosmetic shops and apply those chemicals on your skin…..Try these simple and effective methods which are natural and without any side effects.

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