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Does your Eye Burn while watching TV or Computer?

Have you ever felt that your eyes are burning if you sit in front of the television or computer for a long time? If yes, then you should go through this article to know the causes and treatment of this eye problem.
When your

eye burn

, it is accompanied with itching, tearing and irritation. Watery discharge is also seen in some cases.

What are the Causes of Eye Burn?

There are many factors which contribute to this eye problem:

  • Exposure to pollutants like smog, dust or tobacco smoke.
  • Chemicals which are used for household purpose such as soap, shampoo, bleach etc.
  • Chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Extreme cold or dry hot air hitting the eyes directly.
  • Wearing of contact lenses for prolonged duration.
  • Allergies of eye:

    Airborne allergens, animal dander, pollens, cosmetics etc are few examples which causes eye allergy. This allergy leads to burning of eyes which might turn chronic as well.

  • Conjunctivitis:

    This causes inflammation of eye membrane and eyelids. This turns the entire white portion (of eye) red with a burning sensation. Water keeps coming out of the eyes which cause irritation and discomfort. Conjunctivitis is caused due to eye allergy, bacterial or viral infections.

  • Eye burn

    is seen during upper respiratory infections like common cold, influenza, flu etc.

All these causes not only make your eyes burn, but makes them so weak that if you watch television or computer for a long period, burning sensation starts.

What is the treatment to cure this ailment?

The treatment varies with the causes:

  • It goes off by itself, if the causes are environmental pollution or smoke of tobacco.
  • In some cases, anti histamines and artificial tears are used, especially in cases of allergies.
  • If you have bacterial conjunctivitis, then antibiotic ointments and eye drops are used. Remember, not use them without the prescription from a doctor.

Since your eyes are very important to give quality to your life, it’s always a better idea to see a doctor in case of any eye symptoms.

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