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How to Make your Eyebrows Look Perfect?

Beauty of the eyes depends on the eyebrows and how we shape our eyebrows. If we have over-grown and unshaped eyebrows, then any kind of eye makeup can never give the perfect look. The over-grown eyebrow hair can be managed and removed with the help of tweezers. It is a little painful process, but it helps in getting rid of unwanted hair which gives a shabby look to your entire face. One can permanently get rid of the bushy eyebrows by employing safe and simple techniques of tweezing.

Plucking the unwanted hair from the eyebrows with tweezers or by threading is considered to be the best method for shaping the eyebrows. Waxing is not preferred as it does not accurately or neatly remove the undesired hair from the eyebrows so as to give proper shape to it. Moreover, the process of waxing eyebrows can be a real messy affair. Shaving on the other hand should always be avoided as it is not a comfortable and proper way for removing the excess hair from the eyebrows.

Plucking the hairs would be quite painful initially, but once the skin gets accustomed to it the pain can be barely felt. Tweezing techniques can also help in reducing the pain, swelling and redness to a considerable extent. For example, eyebrow experts claim that you should start plucking from the bottom layer of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tweezing

What are the Steps for Tweezing?

Tweezing requires three simple tools for plucking the unwanted hair from the eyebrows – tweezers, blow brush and small scissors. Listed below are the steps required for tweezing:

  • Brushing
  • Trimming
  • Plucking

What are the Eyebrow Tweezing Tips?

Some basic eyebrow tweezing tips are listed here below:

    • Always trim your hair before plucking the extra eyebrow hair
    • Start slowly and ensure that your arch brow is in length with the eye
    • Do not try changing the shape of your eyebrows completely
    • Use an effective source of light and mirror for doing this
    • You can preview the desired shape by drawing a line with an eyebrow pencil

Shape Your Eyebrow

  • Do not over-tweeze your eyebrows or they will become absolutely thin and will make you look surprised all the time
  • Tweeze the short unruly eyebrow hair
  • Trim the long eyebrow hair and do not try to pluck them. This gives gaps in between the shaped eyebrows.

Eyebrow experts claim that the key to shaped eyebrows lies in filling the eyebrow gaps and removing the extra hair completely. Unlike waxing or shaving, tweezing or plucking does not promote further growth of hair in areas unsuitable for wax or razors. It is certain that tweezed eyebrow hair will re-grow again after certain days, depending on the type of hair and the hair growth pattern you have.

What are the Precautions to be taken before you start the eyebrow tweezing?

  • Keep a skin sanitizer and a sterile cotton pad with you as a precautionary measure.
  • Always make sure that your fridge has a tray of ice. In case of any hard plucking instance you can immediately apply the ice.
  • A skin moisturizer should be kept with you. Once the eyebrow tweezing is over you should massage the area with the facial moisturizer for smoothing the skin.
  • Do not apply any facial scrub before and after doing the tweezing. This makes your eyebrow skin dry.

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