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You may be aware of the well said Yiddish proverb that says “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Just as different skin color shades such as wheat, fair and dark colored, there are even various natural eye colors. There are variations from light to dark shades in the skin and hair due to the extent of melanin pigment present. In a similar way, the pigment defines even the iris color. If there is less amount of melanin, the iris will be lighter with either gray or blue shaded eyes. And if there is high melanin pigment, the iris will be in darker shades like brown or black.

The following article gives various natural eye colors, both normal and rare. The variation in the amount of melanin pigment is the only factor for occurrence of so many natural eye colors. Read to know more about the wonderful eye colors.Natural Eye Colors

Common Natural Eye Colors

  • Brown:

    The most common natural eye color observed in human beings is brown. This eye color is observed when there are large amounts of melanin pigment in the iris stroma. Dark brown colored eyes give an appearance of black colored eyes in people.

  • Blue:

    This natural eye color is common among people of Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Netherlands, Norway, Austria and Germany and very rare among Central Asia and Middle East individuals. Blue eyes are observed as a result of relatively less amount of melanin pigment in the iris stroma than in brown color eyes. Blue eyes darken with age among babies.

  • Gray:

    This is a darker shade of blue colored eyes. This eye color is observed as a result of less amount of melanin pigment in the iris. Gray eye shade in some people is observed with brown and yellow colors in the eye. People of Finland, Baltic states and Russia usually have gray colored eyes.

  • Hazel:

    This is also a common eye color and occurs as a combination of slight amount of melanin pigment in the front border of iris and Rayleigh scattering. It is considered to be the merger of both dark green and light brown colors.

Rare Natural Eye Colors

  • Violet:

    Violet or purple colored eyes are generally observed in albinos. A combination of blue and red reflections give the eye a color of violet. This eye color occurs as a result of mutation and is a form of blue eyes.

  • Red:

    This is the most rarest eye color among human beings. This eye color is only seen in albinos.

  • Green:

    Very less percentage of individuals are born with green colored eyes and therefore considered to be a rare eye color. This is observed due to moderate melanin pigment production.

  • Amber:

    Amber eye color occurs as a result of lipochrome deposition in the iris. This is a yellow pigment that gives a strong golden and coppery tint for the eyes. This is very rare eye color in human beings and usually called wolf eyes as it is common among wolves.

  • Black:

    This is also a very rare eye color observed in individuals with high amounts of melanin pigment in the iris. The actual fact is the dark brown eye colored people give the appearance of black eye color.

The above given are the common and rare natural eye colors. Most of the people have two different eye colors. For instance, one eye color will be light green and the other eye brown colored. This condition of eye is called heterochromia and occur as a result of birth defects. The eye condition can be corrected by intra-ocular implant that improves the eye color appearance.

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