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Watery Eyes Causes In Children

Watery eyes is a very irritating eye condition which is more prevalent in children and in aged people. But, what may be the watery eyes causes in children can be a question. The condition medically termed as epiphora develops due to improper functioning of the tear ducts. Along with this, there are some more causes of watery eyes in children that are discussed briefly in this article.

Watery Eyes Causes In Children

Watery eyes causes in children arise when there is any abnormal functioning in the tears production and their flow. Usually, tears are produced in tear glands present under the skin above the eyes. They flow along the front surface of the eye and pass into tear ducts present in the eyelids at the nose. From here, the tears flow into the tear sacs and from there to a wide channel called naso-lacrimal duct present in the nose.

  • Blocked naso-lacrimal duct

    Children develop watery eyes when they are born with slightly narrow tear ducts. In 90% of the cases, the tear ducts will widen with age and therefore eyes stop watering. But, some children are very sensitive and often develop conjunctivitis eye condition. This makes the eyes red and sticky with watery discharge which can cause watery eyes.

  • Excess production of water

    Certain eye conditions in children like dry eyes and allergies cause excess production of water in the eyes and therefore cause watery eyes condition.

  • Infection of the tear sac

    Some children having blocked tear ducts are susceptible to tear sac infections. This condition is just like abscess elsewhere in the body. The infection known as ‘acute dacrocystitis’ starts with blockage in tear ducts and causes watery eyes. The tears trap in the tear sac and will get stagnated. These stagnated tears give appearance of watery eyes in children.

These are the watery eye causes in children. If your child is suffering from this eye condition, take him/her to a physician. Clean the affected eyes with a warm tissue at least 4 times in a day and the physician may prescribe some antibiotics.

Watery eyes can be a cause for concern. To learn about effective methods to treat this condition, please read our related article Watery Eyes Treatment

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