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Is Your Eye Blinking Frequently?

Frequent eye blinking can be due to problems with the ability to blink. Blinking is like breathing for the eyes. Blinking of the lashes helps […]

Does your Eye Burn while watching TV or Computer?

Have you ever felt that your eyes are burning if you sit in front of the television or computer for a long time? If yes, […]

Optic Nerve Drusen – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is optic nerve drusen? Optic nerve disorders are eye disorders. Drusen are the small collections of hyalin, a protein material. These optic nerve drusen […]

How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are a common and harmless phenomenon which affect most of us. Individuals with this condition might be distracted by dark, wiggly lines which […]

Prevention and Treatment of Pink Eye During Pregnancy

Pink eye is also referred to as conjunctivitis. The treatment for pink eye during pregnancy must be done promptly. Conjunctivitis is a contagious infection which […]

Fungal Eye Infection

Fungal infections in eye are very rare. The general risk factors for such fungal infection can be long term usage of corticosteroid, contact lens wear […]

Types of Macular Drusen

Drusens are small yellowish macular lesions or specks in the eye that cause age-related macular degeneration. There are two types of drusen, viz., hard and […]

What Causes Eye Flickering?

Eye flickering is a very disturbing phenomenon and may develop just out of the blue. We begin to wonder, what causes eye flickering? The annoying […]

What Causes Eye Irritation After Swimming?

Ever felt that burning sensation and irritation in your eyes after a nice day in the pool? Do you know what causes eye irritation after […]

Lens Dislocation – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The lens is present behind the pupil in the eye and it helps to provide clear vision. When the very thin and supporting ligaments are […]

Causes of Band Keratopathy

Band keratopathy is caused due to calcium salts precipitation on the surface of the cornea (under the epithelium directly). Normal body fluids (such as aqueous […]

Anisometropia -Symptoms and Treatment

Anisometropia is a disorder in which the refractive power of an individual’s two eyes is different. This difference in power of refraction may vary. The […]

What is Blepharoconjunctivitis?

It is a condition which causes swelling of the conjunctiva and the outer eyelids. Actually, in this condition two separate eye conditions occur simultaneously – […]

Causes of Madarosis

Loss of eyelashes is known as madarosis. There are several causes for eyelash loss. This article gives information about the causes of madarosis. Causes Blepharitis […]

Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)

Central serous retinopathy is a slight fluid accumulation in the eyes’ macular region which lies between the outer segments and retinal pigment epithelium. A central […]