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Do You Want to Treat Your Chalazion Cyst at Home?

Eye chalazion cyst is a small lump which is formed on the eyelid. This is caused due to the obstruction of oil glands present in […]

How To Treat a Black Eye?

Bruising of the inner tissues around the eye or a black eye occurs when the blood pools or clots in the affected area near the […]

How to Heal a Black Eye Faster?

Black eye occurs due to a blow to the eye or due to an illness or trauma. It is called black eye as there seems […]

How to Get Rid of Black Eye?

Do you have a black eye? Are you sick of looking at it in the mirror? You need not have to worry about the black […]

What Causes Eye Flickering?

Eye flickering is a very disturbing phenomenon and may develop just out of the blue. We begin to wonder, what causes eye flickering? The annoying […]

What Exactly are Artificial Tears?

Often we hear about the usage of artificial tears when treating dry eye syndrome. But, what exactly are artificial tears? Artificial tears are nothing but […]

Band Keratopathy Treatment

Surgery helps to treat band keratopathy. This article gives information about the procedure involved in the surgery. Surgical Care for Band Keratopathy Usually, band keratopathy […]

Anisometropia -Symptoms and Treatment

Anisometropia is a disorder in which the refractive power of an individual’s two eyes is different. This difference in power of refraction may vary. The […]

Tear Duct Infection – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dacryocystitis is the tear duct or tear sac infection. It is also called as the lacrimal sac. Tear ducts carry tears to the eyes so […]

Exotropia Eye

Exotropia is a form of strabismus. It is an outward deviation of an eye. This article gives information about the causes, symptoms and treatment for […]

Leukocoria- Diagnosis And Treatment For Leukocoria

Leukocoria is an eye disorder which literally means white pupilĀ. It is an aberrent white reflection from the eye’s retina. Leukocoria is similar to eyeshine, […]