Causes and Treatment of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a condition in which the eyes start to swell because of various factors. The skin in the region of the eyes is very delicate and is crammed with blood vessels which make it exceedingly sensitive. Generally, puffy eyes disappear on their own after sometime or the problem can be dealt with treatments done at home. However, puffy eyes are also indications of additional eye conditions that may necessitate scrutiny by an eyecare expert. In instances where puffy eyes are critical and continual or are associated with pain, uneasiness, indistinct vision, or additional conditions, the advice of a professional eyecare specialist should be sought.

Reasons for Puffy Eyes

  • Numerous factors can be responsible for triggering puffy eye condition.
  • These consist of fluid retention, stress, allergies, and hormone changes together with other conditions as well.
  • When individuals cry, it is frequently associated with swollen eyes.
  • This is because the body responds to emotions and this results in greater quantities of blood flowing through the eyes which gives rise to swelling.
  • Also the formation of excessive emotional tears can hurt the eyes.
  • People also develop puffy eyes in the aftermath of sleeping.
  • Puffy eyes can be triggered by various factors. For example, excessive sodium in diet resulting in water retention, restlessness and not obtaining sufficient sleep, extremely high consumption of alcohol, and other factors as well.

Treatments for Puffy Eyes

For puffy eyes that are normal in nature and not triggered by other eye conditions, there are many cures that can be of great benefit. In order to effectively deal with the problems linked with puffy eyes, one should wash the face with ice cold water. Another step that is helpful in minimizing the troubles of puffy eye condition is to restrict the intake of sodium. Drinking sufficient amounts of water to cleanse one’s entire system is also considered useful in limiting the effects of puffy eye condition.

Two slices of cucumber can be placed on the eyes for several minutes to provide succor during puffy eye condition. Moistening two tea bags in cold water and placing them over the eyelids after the bags are chilled in a refrigerator can also prove beneficial in tackling puffy eye condition. Puffy eyes caused by allergic reaction can be suitably treated after the source of the allergy is identified and proper medication is taken. Eye creams containing aloe and Vitamin E can be utilized to effectively minimize the problems associated with puffy eyes.

People suffering from puffy eyes would do well to splash cold water on their face as it helps in improving the circulation and can help in effectively dealing with puffy eye condition.

Gently tapping the upper and lower eyelids assists in forcing fluids away from eyes and can help in providing succor during puffy eye condition

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