Contact Lenses Cleaning Solution

Prior to cleaning contact lenses it is imperative that an individual should wash his/her hands thoroughly in order to ensure that dirt and germs are not transferred to the eye. It is advisable that one should refrain also from utilizing moisturizing soaps while cleaning contact lens, since they are not suitable for contact lenses. One should dry the hands by means of a lint-free towel.

The lenses have to be taken out from the eyes one at a time and cleaned with the solution recommended for the purpose. Cleaning is helpful in eliminating eye-produced buildup, cosmetics and other fragments that mars lens comfort. Some products necessitate that the lens has to be rubbed on the palm of an individual by means of a small quantity of the solution, while others simply necessitate rinsing.

The lenses have to be rinsed one more time to get rid of the loosened debris, ensuring to take as long as the package mentions that rinsing is a vital step.

The lens should then be placed in the lens case that must be clean or placed in the lens holder and filled with the apposite solution for soaking the lens and disinfecting it as well. Disinfecting destroys microorganisms on the lens. The time for disinfection differs from product to product hence it is vital to check the details appearing on the package.

Protein deposit

  • Conditional on what sort of contact lenses one is using and the amount of protein deposited by the eyes on one’s contacts, the eye care specialist may suggest a product for the removal of protein.
  • While the process of cleaning the lens does assist in removing some protein, it can nonetheless accumulate on one’s lenses thereby making them difficult to use.
  • That’s why the greater amount of time a person takes in substituting the lenses, the chances are more for one to require a protein remover.

For instance, persons wearing disposable lenses would possibly not require one, but if an individual substitutes the lenses roughly once a year, he or she certainly will. Products for eliminating protein consist of enzymatic cleaner and every day protein removal liquids. Cleaning and disinfecting products are utilized both for cleaning and disinfecting one’s contact lenses. Conditional on the nature of the product, cleaning is achieved with either ultrasonic waves or subsonic agitation, while disinfection happens through multipurpose solution or ultraviolet light.

Hydrogen peroxide solution is fairly suitable for the purpose of cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing the contact lenses. As far as this product is concerned one can place one’s lenses in the container provided and rinse them. The basket can subsequently be placed in its cup and the cup filled with solution to clean and disinfect the lenses. Certain lens holders for hydrogen peroxide systems possess an in-built neutralizer in order to transform the hydrogen peroxide to water, so that it doesn’t hurt one’s eyes but with other types one should add a neutralizing tablet. The contact lenses must be rinsed with another product before they are placed in the eyes.