Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Disposable contacts lenses which were introduced in 1987 are intended to be used for a certain period of time, then discarded and substituted with a new pair of lenses. Disposable contact lenses are at present the most widespread kind of contact lenses. A large number of eye care professionals and users prefer disposable contacts because they find them to be hygienic and convenient as well.

Disposable lenses come in varied forms like those that can be substituted every two weeks or earlier; frequent replacement lenses that can be replaced monthly or quarterly; or traditional reusable lenses that can be substituted every six months or longer.The expression “disposable” in general refers jointly to both disposable and frequent replacement lenses.

Disposable contacts can be recommended either for daily wear or extended wear, conditional on an individual’s eye physiology and requirements. The greater frequency with which an individual substitutes his or her contact lenses ensures proper health of the eyes as well as vision comfort. Substances such as protein, calcium, and lipids that occur naturally in one’s eye can accumulate on one’s lenses. These deposits can be a source of inconveniences to the eyes and make the eyes more susceptible to infection.

Certainly one can always take proper care of one’s lenses by cleaning them in the desired manner but disposable lenses spare this trouble.

One can eliminate the prospect of contact lens care in two ways. One is to retain the lenses in the eyes during sleep and the other is to substitute them periodically. However sleeping with lenses is not a good option because it can lead to problems in the eyes at times.

Eliminating Lens Care Trouble

  • Daily disposable lenses also referred to as one-day disposables is the most favored option by means of which lens care effort can be reduced to a bare minimum.
  • Daily disposable lenses are contact lenses that individuals dispose of each night, and substitute them in the morning with a fresh pair.
  • A large number of eye care experts and contact lens users find it suitable since it entails no lens cleaning at all.
  • It’s beneficial due to the fact that there is no day-to-day lens deposit accumulation and since there is no increased danger of eye problems that may arise while sleeping with the lenses.

Even before the arrival of disposable lenses, it was recognized that regular lens substitution was a beneficial thing to do. The trouble was that contact lenses were too costly to dispose of in a regular fashion and hence several cleaning solutions and procedures were utilized to extend the longevity of the lens. Subsequently manufacturers of contact lenses took the help of innovative manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality lenses in greater volume, at affordable cost. These developments resulted in diminished prices of lens, making it inexpensive to substitute lenses more frequently.