Eye Styes

An eye stye is an infection in the vicinity of the eyelid; generally in the corners. The glands secreting oil turns out to be swollen, painful and infected. This infection is generally caused by bacteria known as staphylococcus. Eye styes can be transmitted from one individual to another.

Eye Stye Symptoms

In the initial stages an eye stye tends to be a red inflamed area adjacent to the eyelash duct on either the upper or lower eyelid. It will be painful to touch. It will be filled with puss and a head will develop in the middle. The stye turns out to be exceedingly agonizing and the eye may water and appear bloodshot. Occasionally the swelling becomes enlarged and may obstruct some vision in that eye. When the head disintegrates, the pressure will be reduced and the pus will be discharged quickly. The pain will diminish and the stye will disappear.

Styes are exceedingly annoying and painful and the lure is immense to press them in order to eliminate them. But this is not suggested since it will only aggravate the infection possibly affecting other parts of the eyelid. Pressing a stye does not yield satisfactory results and the action should be shunned.

What must one do?

With a view to making the head on the stye soft and to alleviate the distress, one should utilize warm compresses a number of times every day. A clean wash cloth should be used for the purpose. It should be put in water that is very warm but not hot and should be placed on the infected part for ten minutes. This procedure can be repeated three to six times daily.

One should make it certain to wash his or her hands properly after making use of a compress or in the event of touching the stye. The staphylococcus bacteria in the stye can be transmitted resulting in fresh styes. It is advisable not to rub an eye with a stye. If an individual touches the eye that is infected and then touches the other eye, he will only be managing to transmit the infection to the other eye.

Styes generally disappear in around 3 or 4 days. If, however, the stye does not fade away and appears to worsen one should not hesitate to consult a doctor. Occasionally depending on the nature of the styes many individuals require an antibiotic solution.

Stye Eye Relief

  • In order to get relief from styes one should flush and rinse the affected eye utilizing water that is warm and sterile.
  • The eye can be rinsed by means of an eyecup available in a drugstore.
  • One more effective treatment for styes is the utilization of standard homogenized milk.
  • One can rinse the eye with cold milk with the help of an eye cup or some cold milk may be dropped in the eye by means of an eyedropper.
  • The cool milk helps in alleviating the stye and on many occasions will accelerate its disappearance.