Eye Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a combination of eye ailments that slowly deprives an individual of his vision without warning. In the initial phases of the ailment, there may be no indication. Experts reckon that almost half of the people who suffer from glaucoma may not be aware that they have it.

Glaucoma can harm the optic nerve when the fluid which preserves the health, whiteness, and thickness of the eye gets trapped while draining and clogs up creating pressure. This could result in blindness to the eyes. Doctors have failed to unearth the reason why it occurs in some people and hence there is no effective cure. However doctors are aware of the fact that it occurs in the canal in the eye and a surgery is required to rectify it and that the pressure can be checked with drugs.

Effects of Eye Glaucoma

Glaucoma generally distresses both eyes, and it is the major cause of blindness in the world. When glaucoma affects the eyes, the fluid in the eye stops flowing thereby increasing the pressure and is the foremost cause of glaucoma). The fluid helps in keeping the eye firm and clear and if it stops flowing through the eye, then the clarity and firmness of the eye is affected. The pressure has an impact on the eyesight of the person suffering from the ailment. The pressure can harm the optic nerve resulting in the loss in vision.

Causes of Eye Glaucoma

  • There are several causes of eye glaucoma.
  • It can be inherited and can also be present in the family.
  • Glaucoma can also be caused by steroids in the eye drops that people utilize, diabetes and a former eye injury or surgery.
  • The ailment can affect individuals of any age.
  • Bad diet, wearing contact lenses, excessive reading or reading in insufficient light, and other usual actions concerning the eyes may also be responsible for the ailment.

There are numerous indications for certain types but there are also virtually no symptoms for the majority of them. The ailment is characterized by haziness of vision, pain in the eye, reddening of the eye, dilated pupils, severe head ache, and noticing halos in the vicinity of lights.

Types of Eye Glaucoma

  • There are various kinds of glaucoma. One of them is angle closure glaucoma, which is also referred to as acute or narrow angle glaucoma.
  • In this type of glaucoma the angle of the canal is obstructed by a portion of the iris.
  • This sort of glaucoma can only be remedied with the help of laser surgery.
  • There is another kind of glaucoma which is called congenital glaucoma.
  • This kind of glaucoma is present at birth, the symptoms of which include hazy eyes, extreme tearing, and sensitivity to light.
  • There is another kind of glaucoma which is known as pigmentary.
  • It occurs when pigment from the iris comes off and obstructs the drainage canal.
  • Open angle glaucoma is the most widespread kind of Glaucoma and consists of approximately 90% of all glaucoma cases.