How to Protect Eyes from Computer Strain

Americans spend more than 5 hours a day using their computers. This is a reason enough for them to complain of headaches, blurry vision, backaches, dry and sore eyes and strain.

Apart from prolonged usage of the computer there are also other factors that contribute to eyestrain, such as – improper lighting, glare, dirty screen, bad viewing angle and improper workstation.

Reduce Glare

– If you place your computer in front of a window or a light source, the difference in the brightness of the source and your monitor can strain your eyes. Also avoid placing your monitors exactly opposite to a light source. Its reflection on your screen can be really annoying and straining. Try using a good Anti Glare screen over your monitor. Avoid cheap quality Anti Glare screens. They may worsen your eye strain.

Blink –

All of us tend to blink about thrice less frequently when we are using the computer or even watching TV. This may cause the eyes to dry more than it dries otherwise. While you are using the computer take a 5 minutes break every half an hour. And blink your eyes slowly for a few minutes. This will help you re-wet your eyes and moisturize them. If you use contact lenses you should consult an Optometrist who will prescribe you re-wetting drops.

Adjust Your Monitor

– Place your monitor about 5-9 inches below your level of vision. You should be able to peer on the roof of your monitor at your normal vision level. This would reduce the damage on your eyes.

Visit the Doctor regularly

– It is very important to keep visiting a doctor and get your eyes checked regularly. Especially if you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses you should visit your doctor at least twice a year.