How to Remove Eye Make-Up

Make up can make you look beautiful but it is important to remove all your make-up when you are done for the day. Sleeping with your eye make up would cause it to go into your eye. This might irritate your eyes or cause infection.

You need to be very careful with the way you remove your make up and the products you use to remove your make-up with. The skin around your eyes happens to be the most sensitive so you’ve got to be careful.

You can try the following solutions that are absolutely safe and good for the eye.

Take a few drops of olive oil on the ring finger of your hand or on a cotton ball and massage your eyes with it. This will not only remove your eye make-up with ease but also condition your lashes.

Removing your eye make-up using a cold cream, moisturizer or Vaseline would also be a good idea.

In case your water proof mascara is a bit stubborn. You can wash your eyes with a ‘no tears’ baby shampoo. Take a few drops of the baby shampoo massage on your eye using your ring finger. Wash your eyes with cold water and wipe them clean. Use a good moisturizer after wiping.

If you can afford a good eye make-up remover then you can go for it. There are a few very good ones available in the market.