Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

Lasik eye surgery is a common surgical procedure. Here we explain to you how Lasik eye surgery is done.

Before the commencement of the surgical procedure, an antibiotic is applied to minimize infection. Then, the below given steps are followed to perform the Lasik procedure. The patient is gently sedated and allowed to rest on a reclining chair in the room with the Lasik Laser system. The patient’s eyes are cleaned and local anesthesia in the form of eye drops is used. With the help of a lid speculum the eyes are held apart.

Steps in Lasik Surgery

Basically the surgery is performed in two steps.

In the 1st step, placing of a ring on the patient’s eye and application of high pressure to generate a vacuum on the cornea is done. An instrument used for cutting i.e. microkeratome is then attached to the ring in order to create a flap on the cornea. Then, the doctor will fold the flap to reveal the underlying stromal tissue of the mid-section of the cornea.

The 2nd step involves usage of a laser of 193nm wave-length. This laser would vaporize the stromal tissue in a controlled manner so that no damage is caused to the adjacent stromal tissue. The above step would blur patient’s vision which may cause some discomfort. After the remodeling of the stromal tissue of the cornea is done, the flap is replaced to its original position. It is held there with the help of a natural adhesive till healing occurs.

Post-operative care

Although Lasik surgery is the safest procedure involving low complication rate, but still there are certain post-operative precautions to be followed.

Short Term Care

  • Even in case of severe irritation avoid rubbing of the eyes, as rubbing may dislodge the corneal flap.
  • Patient should consult the doctor immediately in case of severe pain or if there is no improvement in the vision.

Long Term Care

  • Do not use contact lenses.
  • Regular and periodical consultation and eye examination is necessary.

Proper aftercare after Lasik surgery is essential to minimize complications and enhance benefits. To learn about Lasik aftercare, please read our article Lasik Eye Surgery Aftercare