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Eyelash Dandruff

Eyelash dandruff refers to severe inflammation of the eyelashes causing red, itchy eyelashes. There is formation of white powdery scales on eyelashes which cause difficulty […]

Watery Eyes Causes In Children

Watery eyes is a very irritating eye condition which is more prevalent in children and in aged people. But, what may be the watery eyes causes […]

Natural Eye Colors

You may be aware of the well said Yiddish proverb that says “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Just as different skin color […]

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Treatments-for-Puffy-Eyes Treatments for Puffy Eyes
How to Make your Eyebrows Look Perfect? How to Make your Eyebrows Look Perfect?

Beauty of the eyes depends on the eyebrows and how we shape our eyebrows. If we have over-grown and unshaped eyebrows, then any kind of […]

Is Your Eye Blinking Frequently?

Frequent eye blinking can be due to problems with the ability to blink. Blinking is like breathing for the eyes. Blinking of the lashes helps […]

How to Prevent Recurrence of Eyebrow Dandruff

Dandruff on the eyebrows is a most embarrassing condition for anyone. It not only spoils the look of the person, but also makes others talk […]

Tips to Cure Eyebrow Dandruff

Dandruff is a type of fungal infection which affects the skin of scalp, eyelids, eyebrow, ear, nose sides, facial skin, beard and hair bearing parts […]

Do You Want to Treat Your Chalazion Cyst at Home?

Eye chalazion cyst is a small lump which is formed on the eyelid. This is caused due to the obstruction of oil glands present in […]

Does your Eye Burn while watching TV or Computer?

Have you ever felt that your eyes are burning if you sit in front of the television or computer for a long time? If yes, […]

Home Remedies to Cure Eye Wrinkles

Eye wrinkles are the most horrifying thing a woman notices while seeing the mirror. These wrinkles not only make you look old but they even […]