Under Eye Surgery

As you grow older, stretching of your eyelids and weakening of the eyelid supporting muscles are observed. This may result in excess accumulation of fat below and above your eyelids. This accumulation of fat causes bags under the eyes, drooping upper eyelids and sagging eyebrows.

Besides making you look old, extreme sagging of skin around the eye can also affect your eyesight. Under eye surgery or eyelid surgery can treat drooping eyelids by removing excess fat, muscle and skin around your eyes.

Here we will guide you whether under eye surgery is the right option for you or not. Also, we explain you the benefits, risks and expectations from under eye surgery.

When to go for under eye surgery?

If excess tissue around your eyes is obstructing you from opening your eyes completely then under eye surgery is the correct option for you. Removing the excess tissue can cause vision improvement as well as make you look younger and alert.

If you have one of the following conditions then you can opt for under eye surgery:

  • Puffy or baggy upper eyelids
  • Bags or dark circles under eyes
  • Extra skin on lower eyelids

In combination with under eye surgery, other procedures like skin resurfacing, face-lift or brow lift can also be performed. Remember that insurance will not cover the surgery if it is done in order to improve your appearance.

How do you prepare for under eye surgery?

You have to discuss various aspects of the surgery like – will it work for you, risks involved etc. with your surgeon before you schedule your under eye surgery.

Meeting with your surgeon would likely include the following issues:

  • Medical history:

    Your surgeon would like to gather information regarding your current medications and conditions. The main aspect would be focused on eye-related conditions like glaucoma, dry eyes, allergies or any other eye problem.

  • Physical examination:

    The surgeon would conduct a complete eye examination, which would include your vision testing as well as your tear production.

  • Photographs:

    Your eyes would be photographed at different angles as these photographs might help in assessing and planning your surgery as well as the surgery’s long-term and immediate effects.

  • Discussion about your expectations:

    Think and discuss the various reasons to undergo the surgery with your surgeon. And, be frank enough with the surgeon about your expectations from the surgery. Also discuss your various doubts related to the surgery.

Here are some important points you need to remember before undergoing the under eye surgery:

  • Stop all your previous medications and especially medicines, which contain ibuprofen or aspirin as they might increase the bleeding for two weeks prior and after the surgery.
  • Medications which are prescribed or approved by your surgeon should only be taken.
  • One week prior to the surgery avoid sunlight exposure of the skin. And avoid it for 2-3 months after the surgery as it may cause irregular but permanent coloration of the skin.

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