Why Are Daily Wear Contact Lenses Popular?

Contact lenses are made of diverse kinds of plastic. But basically they can be categorized into two major classes namely soft contact lenses and gas-permeable contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are delicate, gel-like lenses that match up to the form of one’s eye. Their flexibility is greater in comparison to gas-permeable contact lenses and hence they’re easier on the eyes and a person can without much trouble get used to it.

Daily wear contact lenses belong to the soft contact lenses category.

An overwhelming majority of people who use contact lenses prefer daily-wear lenses. They are worn each morning and removed every night. However, they cannot be used while one is sleeping. One pair of daily-wear lenses can be used for at least a year if they are stored and cleaned in a proper manner.

Most popular lenses

  • Daily Wear Soft contact Lenses are the most widespread kind of contact lenses that are used by people at present.
  • This is due to the fact that they are the safest kind of contact lenses that one can wear.
  • With the availability of convenient cleaning and care solutions, coupled with the fact that certain types can in reality be discarded every day, Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses are fairly suitable for the majority of people who desire to wear contact lenses.

Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses consist of hydrophilic or “water containing” polymer plastic materials which are supple and gel like. Conditional on the amount of water they contain and their thickness, they can in reality give a feeling like a drop of water on one’s finger. These lenses permit oxygen to enter the cornea, making its use a really comfortable experience. People also find it extremely easy to adjust to these lenses. They can also be utilized for greater duration of time and are obtainable in diverse colors.

Certain disadvantages of Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses include a life span that is short, incapacity to rectify problems pertaining to vision, and durability that is not adequate. An exceedingly beneficial and enticing choice for soft contact lens users is “planned replacement” or “disposable” soft contact lenses. With these lenses, an individual in reality is required to take the minimal time to clean and disinfect them every day as one would be substituting them roughly once every week, or even every day, hence there is little need for an individual to clean or disinfect them.

Daily Wear Disposable Contact Lenses are considered to be the most suitable because there is practically no care needed and they are the safest because an individual will never be using a contact lens that is dirty or contaminated.

Daily Wear Disposable Contact Lenses are somewhat expensive, but are the ideal choice for a large number pf people who depend on contact lenses to enhance their visions.